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Look professional.

The power of being online is constantly increasing. At some point, now or in the near future (if not already), you will need to have some sort of online presence. What if your domain name is already taken by someone else? Numerous companies and individuals all over the world buy and trade domain names as investments. Why not buy your dot com domain now and secure it? Whether for your business, organization, family, or self – owning your personal domain names is a brilliant investment.

Ghana Web Marketing will help you purchase, register, and secure your unique domain name.

We will also help you set up personalized email accounts for you and your employees / family members, for example: Personalized email addresses make you stand out from the others – look professional, get smart, get online.


It’s got everything. And it’s unlike anything.

A good custom website goes a long way and it will make your company, business, corporation or individual enterprise stand out in the sea of other business websites. If your goal is to make an impact on your current and potential customers and become a more recognizable online brand, then you ought to have a website which is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Web designing and Website development is a strategic amalgamation of creative designing & graphic art, content structuring and management, technology deployment and database management systems – along with highly reliable Web hosting and support services. The World Wide Web has beyond any doubt been accepted globally as the most profitable and powerful medium to promote and operate businesses. Websites attract billions of customers searching for reliable and effective product or service provider. Although every organization (including yours) is rapidly acknowledging the importance of being present on the Internet, very few are actually able to leverage the true potential of the Internet. Ghana Web Marketing will help you create a powerful online marketing tool that represents your business, corporation or organization in the best possible light.



State-of-the art. Made standard.

Today, reliable servers that guarantee 99.99% are the preferred choice for hosting personal and small business websites. Our high quality service includes fast and reliable servers, professional and friendly staff, multiple free tools, and a feature-rich hosting package. And all this provided at an unbeatable price! Since almost all areas of the smooth functioning of the site get affected by the hosting (server response time, uptime, download speeds, database applications, e-mail functioning), we pay special attention to this aspect.

Our state of the art data center based in California, USA will ensure your website and email accounts are always up and running, regular maintained, and optimized for the best performance.


Get results. Guaranteed.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization is a simple process which improves the visibility of a website. It enables you to draw more traffic to your website. This means better advertising and marketing of your business. Our SEO process uses numerous techniques, including web content optimization, keyword submission, and page structure enhancement – this way search engine crawlers read your website and improve your search engine rankings.

How can SEO help improve your online positioning and website promotion?

SEO is the most popular and most beneficial way of promoting your website. It is cost effective, provides long term solutions and results, generate leads and it reaches a target audience. This means that you will attract clients who are already interested in your services or doing business with you, as well as the new potential clients. This leads to increased sales of your products and additional promotion of your services. That is why SEO is the most important part of your Internet marketing strategy.

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Connect. On a deeper level.

Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Linked In gives you an opportunity to catch the attention of your existing and potential clients. It enables you to yield faster results and drive more traffic to your website. The key advantage of social media marketing is that it's free! You can cut the costs of advertising by having a website that is integrated with your social media accounts.

How can Social Media Integration empower your business?

Social Media Integration is a great tool if you aim to reach more people and promote your business quickly. It gives you a brilliant opportunity to analyze the market, define your target audience and plan your marketing strategy. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are powerful marketing platforms and they are free. All you have to do is directly integrate them into your website and leverage the free power! Boosting your business just became easier.


Word Class. Delivered.


Logo design / Re-design


Our professionals in graphic design are experienced to provide you with fresh and creative ideas for your logo to give it a distinctive and eye-catching look. If you already have a logo, we can advance it into web formats making use of latest graphics programs. We have experience developing logos for various business needs, from visiting cards to business websites.

Corporate Branding & Presentations


A professional corporate identity contributes significantly to the success of your whole enterprise. It gives your company and your brand name immediate credibility and lasting recognition. Take advantage of creative design to present your organization and all official materials (letter heads, envelopes, presentation templates, etc) in a way that enhances the image of your business.

Catalogues, Brochures, newsletters, flyers, advertisements


Making good use of the most advanced design tools, you are assured of top-notch quality and creativity that will thrill your existing and potential customer base.

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